Dave N’ Busters

Hey guys it’s hackerboy here with a SWT post. So, most of you guys may not know it, but they recently opened a new Dave N’ Busters in Livonia. For those of you that don’t know, Dave N’ Busters is a video arcade that is really AWESOME and you HAVE to go there if you have enough money. Or just save up. I went to a new one, the one in Livonia, and it is a little bit better than the one Sterling Heights, but the only reason I said that was because they had doubled every game so there was two of each game. When I got there, there was my favorite game, sitting in the middle, quadrupled, and there was a little tournament going on about who could make it to the end without dying. I joined and of course, won it all in the end. It was hard, because there were some guys in their thirties trying to intimidate me into quitting but I didn’t. I. Never. back. Down. EVER. So I beat them all, got twenty bucks because they didn’t really have any money, and went to my booth. I put that twenty on my card, and went over to the ticket machines, and on the first try won the 1500 ticket whopper. It was a whole lot of luck, and a ton of the opposite of skill, but I won it. In the end all of my tickets went into a marshmallow machine gun. It was really fun there. Like, really AWESOME!!! Ciao.


One thought on “Dave N’ Busters

  1. Andrew S. 5/6
    T- I like the topic of video games.
    A- What is a marshmallow machine gun?
    G- Say more about your favorite game.

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