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Monday, April 9th

Are you having fun researching your topic for your wonder? Explain.
Yes, I am having fun searching my wonder because it is very intresting!
What could you do to make your topic more interesting if you are not interested and what could you do to keep your topic interesting if you are interested?
You can keep on finding alot of information on good websites and make it more intresting like make a movie!
How could others input make researching your wonder more fun?
Give me comments in my comment box and disscusion box.
How could you push your wonder to stretch your thinking?
I could work on it all the time, every day and night.

Science :)

My question:

When do we know when the solar and lunar eclipses will occur?

My answer:

Eclipses, be they solar or lunar, occur when the Earth, Sun and Moon are in a
line. If the Moon is in-between the Earth and the Sun, it blocks the view of the
Sun from some parts of the Earth, and this produces a solar eclipse.
If, on the contrary, it is the Earth that is in-between the Sun and Moon, then
the earth will block the light from the Sun before it can get to the Moon. Since
moonlight is just the light the Moon reflects from the Sun, this will darken the
Moon, and we get a lunar eclipse. Since the Moon goes around the Earth every 28 days, shouldn’t we expect a
solar eclipse about every 28 days (when the Moon is new), and a lunar
one in the same period, (when the Moon is full) ? Well, this would be so if the orbit of the Moon were in the same plane as the
orbit of the Earth around the Sun. But we know eclipses are rarer than that; and
the Moon’s orbit is not in the same plane. Instead, it is tilted with respect to
it, and the Moon does not in general pass directly on the Earth-Sun line.
Moreover, the Moon’s orbit tilt varies slowly. To have an eclipse, then, it is
not enough that the three bodies be in the right order; the Moon’s orbit should
also be

Where I found my answer:

Monday, March 12

How are you digging underneath the surface of your chosen issue, problem, challenge, question, or interest?
I am asking many people that can give me good info.
What questions are you asking?
I am asking in math i don’t really get how to add and subtract negitive numbers.
What information are you finding?
I am trying to find a good personn or website that can teach me how to do that.
How are you digging underneath the answers and information, to discover more?
Keep on doing what i am doing.
What are your strategies for deeper discovery?
Ask more and more people
How are you inviting others into your learning journey? Who are your contributors, collaborators, editors, reflectors, challengers…who help to strengthen your work?
I am telling people to come cheack out my Learning journey by telling people on my blog.

If you know how to add and subtract negitive numbers please add a coment!

What We Wonder







Push Your Thinking
What other connections can I draw to my observation?
By the mid-20th century the sport had reached an extraordinarily high level of play.
The first women’s World Cup match was played in 1971 in Mexico City.
Olympic competition was also vital to the spread of the game.
Probe with Questions:
What questions did your observations, thoughts or connections raise?
How did soccer become a sport?
How many teams are there?
Who is the most famous soccer player in the world?
Some answers i found out?
It became a professional sport about 124 years ago.
There is 2,028 professionall soccer teams in the world.
Wonders around the world:
Why is the world a sphere.
Why are contents colored.
How long does it take people to take pictures around the world.


What claim(s) can you make about your Wonder, given your research to this point?
I claim that the best soccer player in the hole intire world is Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)
What specific evidence have you uncovered to support your claim(s)? Please include evidence from all 3 categories
I found out that in soccer the orgins was 1609- 1862
Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Europe and the Americas. It has a vivid and interesting history in the world of sports. Early evidence of soccer being played as a sport finds occurrence in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. In China, it was during the Han dynasty that people dribbled leather balls by kicking it into a small net. Recorded facts also support the fact that Romans and Greeks used to play ball for fun and frolic. Some facts point to Kyoto in Japan where kicking of ball was a popular sport.
You can find were i got this information over in my blog roles!! i know that this is true because i play soccer and i know a lot about it and i do know that were i got this it is true so you can trust this website!!

Fantastic Facts!

Here are some fantastic facts about my favorite sports!!
1. This sport is VERY healthy for you.
2. It pases time in a fun way.
3. You can play different spots.
1. You can be in state meets.
2. You can swim many different storkes like freestyle, back storke, butterfly and breast storke.
3. There are many different races for different age groups.
1. You can do grand slames.
2. You can play it until you are an adult.
3. You swicth spots each ining.
There are more! You should play anyof thease sports they are very fun!!

Today In Class

Write a brief summary of the effort you put forth today to strengthen the foundation of your Wonder Work

I did a lot of work today in my whats your wonder i got a lot of imformation and facts.

How would you rate your effort, based on the rubric?

I would give my self a 8-10 because somtimes I get distracted and was messing around.

Make a bullet point list of the things you achieved during our time today

Things I have achevied

  • Work
  • Whats your wonder
  • Picture

How would you rate your achievement, based on the rubric?


Consider and list the next steps you will take during class tomorrow…

  • Get more information
  • Stay on topic
  • Don’t get distracted and mess around

Learning Journal

Any body can come and cheack out my learning journal just go to my blog roll’s and click on – Shannon’s Learning Journal


I am sooo excited to have a snow storm finally I can ski in real snow!!!

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