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Field Day
THIS THURSDAY is field day!  Please send your kiddo in comfortable clothes, tennis shoes (no sandles, flip flops, etc), sun screen, and a even a hat if you would like.  The weather looks amazing!!  Please send a water bottle with your child\'s name o (More)
Field Day
Due to some confusion, date changes and clarification.... FIELD DAY  is Thursday, May 29!  Grades 3-5 is in the afternoon.  Help will be needed for this event.  In the event of rain, Field Day will be rescheduled for June 5! Thanks! (More)
5 more weeks...
We have 5 more week... really?  How is this happening???  This year has seemed to fly by and it is so hard to believe that we are winding down.  We have a ton more learning, so hang in there!!  We have a lot of excitement left to enjoy! Here are a (More)
7 weeks of learning...
7 more weeks and there sure is a lot of learning to cram to into those weeks!  Hold onto your hats... Important Dates coming your way... THIS THURSDAY 5/1 is a late start Field Day 5/29 in the afternoon Field Trip 6/9  all day Third Grade Party (More)
Back to Adventure!
We have a great week just waiting for us!  After a week of rest and relaxation (unless you ran around like a chicken, took a trip, or were just a parent of an awesome third grader), we are ready for the next 9 weeks.  How can it be single digits??  H (More)
Another week!
WOW!  We have had an amazing few weeks full of great excitement and adventure. We loved our guest reader, Mr. Calvin.  He is a familiar face for those who shop at Premier Pet.  We enjoyed a great stories, and loved learning about many different an (More)
another week... a lot more learning!
Thank you for a very successful conference time.  I am so thankful to have such supportive families who work with their children and with me!  Thanks for all of your effort, support, and the fun! We have a lot of great third grade learning this we (More)
Week #... I have lost count...
Our weeks are so jammed full that I at times lose count of how many weeks we have had and how many we we still have.  Actually, I am not a fan of the count down. When I count up, I think of all of our accomplishments... when we count down I feverishl (More)
A few dates to REMEMBER!
Wednesday is.. Bobcat Spirit Day Thursday.. Normal Day 🙂 Friday is.. BATTLE of the Books  and Jump Rope for Heart Saturday.. Resting???  We could ALL dream!   (More)
On YOUR mark... get set...
GO!!! It is  another week full of  adventure in third grade!  We continue to have exciting days crammed full of learning and thinking.  Check out what is happening this week! Here is our week... Language Arts: Read aloud: Powerless (almost (More)
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