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8 more weeks!
We have great projects and learning opportunities happening this week! Language Arts: Read aloud: A new one with Ms. Freedman!  Your child should be reading 20 minutes a night. Keep checking in on those reading logs.  We record books when we (More)
Time to BATTLE!
It is time for one of our favorite events in third grade.... Battle of the Books.  Our third grade battle is an ongoing, well loved, super fun, reading centered tradition!  We are all so excited to embark on this journey together.  Your kiddos will b (More)
Week 20
We are ready for another fantastic week together. There are always so many great opportunities ready for us!  Please make sure to send snow gear and warm wear everyday.  It is always exciting when we can head outside for recess.  It is miserable to b (More)
Week 19
Another fantastic week is just beginning for us!  We have been having a great time learning and growing together.  Suddenly, our class has become much more independent.  It is always fun to watch this transition happen.  Those moments when I look aro (More)
Week 17
Happy New Year!  I hope that you have had a great break and much need rest!  Next week is fast approaching and I am really looking forward to hearing about a few adventures and maybe a favorite gift. We are jumping right in to this new year with l (More)
Week 4!
We are continuing with another fantastic week.  This week is beginning with Tiger\'s Spirit Day! If your third grader has any interest in the Bobcat Leadership Team... We have another great week ahead of us!! Here is our Week... Language (More)
Week 3!
It was great to meet so many of you this week at curriculum night.  I always appreciate getting to know the families that share their awesome kids.  If I missed you, the information from this week was sent home in your child\'s Alter Ego Folder.  Ema (More)
Curriculum Night
Please join us tonight for third grade Curriculum  Night!  I look forward to meeting and reconnecting with our third grade families tonight at 6:00pm. See you soon! (More)
Week 2!
It is hard to believe that we are already in the swing of third grade!  We will have our first FULL week and our class is off to a great start! Curriculum Night is happening ON THURSDAY!  We will be talking about third grade this year and all of t (More)
A Fantastic Week!
WOW!  We are four days in and these kiddos are doing a fantastic job!  Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! (More)
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