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A Thanksgiving of Thanksgivings...
We never know what tomorrow will hold... or even a few minutes from now.  We plan, we consider, we try...the reality is that our reality is not always in our control.  This is something that our family learned this year. This last week I decided t (More)
Tonight I am so overly thankful for amazing parents who support and love their kids!  Thank you for taking the time to be here, to work with your kids, to support our classroom and our school!    (More)
Brought to you by...
3 really cool kids!  This is what was sitting on my keyboard to share with the world in the way of "things" brought to you in their words! Michael says... *I have been a good worker lately and I have over 20 tickits! *A best part of me draft (More)
The greatest gift...
for our kids and for me personally, that gift is family!  I will save you from another long winded post...I shall say that your kids are lucky.  They are lucky to be so loved.  Lucky to be so well taken care of.  Lucky to enjoy so much time with you. (More)
Because they have Fought....
  So many men and women, families, friends, parents, and grandparents make sacrifices each day to protect each of us and our children.  I grew up with Veterans.  My dad served in the Navy, my Uncle Jack was a Marine, there were stories of my Un (More)
This face... is the face of a teacher...
  Looks like a kid, right?  How can he be a teacher you say? EASY!  Each day this sweet kid walks into our room with a smile, a high five, and a b (More)
"And Another Thing..."
I know this was yelled at me a time or two growing up...undoubtedly by that big sister of mine. The one that is older but happy to point out that I am bigger and most people don't realize that she is older...much, much, much older (I may add, since s (More)
3 things today...
Well it is Wednesday and Wednesdays are crazy around here.  It is the day that I frantically worry that those plans I laid out...the perfect ones that meet all needs, criteria, guidelines, curriculum, the fun factor and every other expectation are su (More)
Today is a great day to be me... well I have to admit that most days are pretty great to be me.  You see, I have it pretty good.  Today, I got to excercise my right as an American and vote not only for who I think the next leader of our country shoul (More)
10 Weeks...A PERFECT 10!!
We are in the double digits, 10 whole weeks of school.  It has been a fantastic 10 weeks full of learning, adventure and fun!!  We have finished our first quarter which means report cards and conferences are on the horizon. MONDAY... Wear RED, Whi (More)
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