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El treinta de mayo
7th @ Berkshire Review study guide and correct answers >>Final Study Guide Clickers with review questions Tarea:  Use the More)
El veinte de mayo
7th @ Berkshire Work on restaurant skits >>restuarant skit guidelines Tarea:  Finish typing restaurant skit (More)
El catorce de mayo
7th @ Berkshire Practice Ir + a Speaking activity MOO Comida DVD Clickers to practice vocab Tarea:  Practica las tarjetas (More)
El diez de mayo
7th @ Berkshire   (More)
El siete de mayo
7th @ Berkshire Start Tener Expressions Flashcards >>tenerflashcards Tarea: Finish flashcards and study for 15 minutes >> More)
El veinticinco de abril
7th @ Berkhsire  Today we filled in all  the frequency words on our blue vocab sheet.  If you were absent today, please use the flashcards below to fill int he third column of your vocab sheet. >>More)
El diecinueve de abril
7th @ Berkshire Watch "Rutina Diaria" video and put sentence in order Flashcards Mi Vida Loca Vocab quiz on reflexive verbs on Monday, April 22 >>More)
El dieciocho de abril
7th @ Berkshire Learn reflexive verbs (see video below) Connect 4 with reflexive verbs No hay tarea (More)
El diecisiete de abril
7th @ Berkshire Flashcards Watch the following videos: Mi Vida Loca (More)
El dieciséis de abril
7th @ Berkshire New vocabulary >>1bUnidad 3 Flashcards >>More)
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