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Ella Enchanted Journal #3
Ella Enchanted Journal #3 One of the key themes in fantasy novels is “Good versus Evil”.  Ultimately, in this novel, did good triumph over evil? Be sure to include the following in your response: Which character do you think was the most ev (More)
Esperanza Rising Blog Journal
Journal 1 After completing the first reading assignment in your adventure book, respond to the following journal prompt in your blog.  Then reply to 2 other student’s responses in the comment section on their blog. You’ve had the opportunity (More)
Journal prompt #3.
Journal 3 Now that you have finished reading your adventure novel.  Think about how your novel’s main character has changed/grown throughout the novel.  Respond to the prompts below in your blog, then comment on two other student blogs. Use th (More)
Fever Journal entry 2
Journal 2 After completing the second reading assignment in your adventure book, please respond to the following journal prompt in your blog. Then, please reply to two other students’ journal responses in the comments on their blog. Write a (More)
Action Adventure Journal Promt 1: Fever.
You’ve had the opportunity to meet several characters in your book club novel.  Choose one of the characters and discuss how you are similar to and different from him/her.  Be sure to focus on personality traits rather than physical characteristics. (More)
Tuck Everlasting CERS
Eden H 2/3 block The novel Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt is considered fantasy. Elements of fantasy found in this novel include the spring in Treegap that makes you immortal, and the Tuck family with their immortality. Evidence of this el (More)
Ella Enchanted Journal #2
Ella Enchanted Journal #2 During this section of the reading, Ella is faced with a big problem.  When Hattie and Olive command Ella to relinquish/end her one important friendsip with Arieda, Ella runs away rather than remain and hurt Areida.  Do y (More)
Ella Enchanted Journal #1
Ella Enchanted Journal #1 Early on in this novel, Ella recieves the “gift” of obedience.  As time goes on, we learn that this “gift” is actually a curse.  What other “gift” besides obedience, might become a curse? I think that having fairy\'s i (More)
Watsons Go To Birmingham Key Terms
Define each word below. Then you need to add two words that you find while reading that you didn’t know and add those to this list. You may use a book dictionary or an online dictionary source. CHAPTERS 1-3  You will have a total of 9 words. NO (More)
Reading Strategies- The Breadwinner
Utilizing Background Knowledge -There is a lot of fighting in Afghanistan. -Girls weren\'t aloud to go to school. -During this time in Afghanistan, it was normal for younger girls to get married and have children. -The Taliban take over w (More)
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