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The Global Village: The Breadwinner Journal Prompts
Reading #1 Response and Discussion Questions, Chapters 1-6 Choose four questions below and respond to these in your blog.  Then, read what other students reading Breadwinner are writing about and respond to their writing as comments. 1. What is (More)
Global Village: Character Analysis
In the activities below you will analyze the main characters from your novel.  You will copy/paste the questions to YOUR blog and respond there.  Make sure the \"category\" is the book title. Be sure to title the blog post \"Book Title: Charater Anal (More)
Global Vilage Book Clubs: What is due on What Days?
Each week you will have to complete: 1. 1 quiz 2. Respond to journal prompts posted to your blog. (More)
Protecting Lake Malawi's Essential Fish Population
Link: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/africa/10/27/malawi.overfishing/index.html Lake Malawi has around 400 species of fish and in the past ten years it h (More)
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