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Chapter three test date set!
In case you missed yesterday's post, I have set the date for the chapter three test.  It will be this Monday October 16th.  I also passed out the study guide for this test, which you can download right here if you would like to see it.  More)
Finished the Canada Region Game!
Today the class continued to work in their partnerships and were able to finish all five rounds of the Canada Region Game.  The rounds consisted of population, language, climate, buildings, and economic activity.  When they were finished with the gam (More)
For what it is worth!
Hello to everyone who reads this blog.  Which, is about 10 or so people!  I hope all is relatively well with you.  Today I collected the CERS argumentative writing prompt from those that did not turn them in on Friday.  They were due today and I will (More)
We started Chapter 3 on Canada today!
Today all classes began chapter three on Canada today, which started with an introduction on the incredible diversity of the physical geography of Canada.  This diversity leads people in Canada to live very different lifestyles based on which provinc (More)
Tests were passed back and we started our first mapping lab!
Today I passed back the chapter 1 & 2 tests and we spent time going over the correct answers, as well as fixing some of my correcting mistakes. (oops)  Overall, the students did very well for a first test, with an average of 72 out of a possible (More)
C.E.R.S. Writing Prompts due on Thursday October 6th!
Just wanted to let you know that the C.E.R.S. Writing prompt is due on Thursday October 6th.  This is for everyone.  Most students have already turned the completed prompt in, but there are several students who were absent on Monday and others that a (More)
Started Chapter Three today!
FYI-Today we began our coverage of chapter three.  Chapter three is all about how and why people settle where they settle.  Specifically we will focus on Canada and its five very different regions.  These regions are Pacific Region, Prairie Region, C (More)
Mayim dance from Israel!
Watch our 5th grader in \"Israel\" teach travelers how to dance the \"Mayim Mayim\" (Water Water) Israeli folk dance. Click below! MOV_5554.MO (More)
Pierce students travel the globe!
    Students learn t (More)
Sustainability Event!
We had the opportunity to present our \"We are the World\" diversity project at the Sustainbility event at Seaholm High School.  Everyone loved learning about our project and how important it is to sustain international relationships and cultural awa (More)
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