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Quiz on China will be this Thursday!
Just wanted to let you know that I will be giving the students a quiz on China this Thursday.  Students will need to know and understand the following information. Slowing down population growth Implementing the one-child policy Providing (More)
We were able to just about finish with the chapter on China!
Today we worked our way through the three plans that China implemented to help alleviate the following three problems: Slowing down population growth Implementing the one-child policy Providing cleaner energy  Building the largest hyd (More)
Check out what we did in class today!
Today we started looking at the three plans that China used to help alleviate their problems with a growing population.  The first plan was to slow population growth.  To accomplish thisChina implemented the one-child policy.  This would reward coupl (More)
China has problems, but have attempted to address them!
Today we started our chapter on China.  In case you were absent, we read pages 431 through 433 in the textbook.  After students finished their reading, they then completed page 216 in their Interactive Student Notebook. All permission slips for Fi (More)
The largest cement structure in the world!!
Since we are now looking at the country of China, it is only reasonable that we would look at a marvel of modern engineering.  I am of course speaking about the Three-Gorges Dam, built along the largest river in China, the Yangtze.  Today the student (More)
Preview for next chapter on China!
Today the students participated in a new Kahoot, which covered our next chapter on China.  Students were introduced to information they had already known, as well as some that they did not.  We will start our China chapter tomorrow, which will requir (More)
We used a new formative assessment tool today
As you already know, I have been using kahoot as a formative assessment tool most of this year, however today I introduced a new tool.  I felt like kahoot was getting a little stale and the students needed a little variety.  I used a website called q (More)
Thank you from China!
I’ve got the letter and the book. We really enjoy it. Thank you so much.   More)
Mayim dance from Israel!
Watch our 5th grader in \"Israel\" teach travelers how to dance the \"Mayim Mayim\" (Water Water) Israeli folk dance. Click below! MOV_5554.MO (More)
Pierce students travel the globe!
    Students learn t (More)
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