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Global Village: Chu Ju\'s House Journal Prompts
Reading #1 Response and Discussion Questions Chapters 1-4. Choose four questions below and respond to these in your blog.  Then, read what other students reading Chu Ju\'s house are writing about and respond to their writing as comments. 1. Do (More)
Global Village: Character Analysis
In the activities below you will analyze the main characters from your novel.  You will copy/paste the questions to YOUR blog and respond there.  Make sure the \"category\" is the book title. Be sure to title the blog post \"Book Title: Charater Anal (More)
Global Vilage Book Clubs: What is due on What Days?
Each week you will have to complete: 1. 1 quiz 2. Respond to journal prompts posted to your blog. (More)
Chu Ju\'s House
    Summary: Fourteen-year-old Chu Ju and her family live in modern rural China, where a strict policy of two children per family (More)
Another Day in Paradise...
Oh where did my Friday post go???  Hmmm...I know I wrote it! On to the good stuff!  We had another great week in third grade.  Your kids are learning so much and jumping in with both feet!  Way to go third graders! A few highlights from the wee (More)
SOOOO Great!!
Way to GO!!!
WOW!!!  What an amazing field trip we had today!  You should be so proud of your kids, their behavior, manners and overall greatness!  Everyone gave rock climbing a try and most made it up to the top or close.  It was great to see the effort and team (More)
The Big Day...
Tomorrow is a big day in 3rd grade!  We are rock climbing from 9:30- 12:30.  Don't forget comfy clothes and sneakers...chaperones too!!  I can't wait to enjoy the fun with everyone! Student Council Elections...will be held tomorrow.  We will be en (More)
Our week...
Math: numbers, place value, fast facts, and our first test on Thursday! Reading: "The Lost and Found" and "The Dragon in the Sock Drawer" Writing: personal narratives Science: patterns and predictions Social Studies: Communities ***Rock Climbing on (More)
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