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Feb. Week 2- Bubble Bread Pizza
Today, in Skills for Living Today, we will cook Today, is Bubble Bread Pizza Day Today, it will be yummy Today, we will be pizza chefs To bad I\'m the Dishwasher. . . This Poem was written a few weeks ago when I made Bubble (More)
Global Warming meets "Economic Reality"
Opinion 12/19/12 I think Global Warming is a huge issue for the winter related industries, such as skiing, snowboarding, etc. But I don't believe President Obama should be spending the money he has been trying to stop it. I don't think there is any (More)
Oxygen loss?
Summary Very recently, Brazil has come up with a solution to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. After finally realizing that the Amazon is a necessity to the world because it provides the world with over 20% of its oxygen. Without the rainfor (More)
Our Evergrowing Population
opinion: My opinion on the maximum world population has changed. i used to believe that we were doomed because of how badly we are with our growth and resources. now i think that we are trying to adapt and advance to the changes, we are using our (More)
The Surplus Population
http://dieoff.org/page112.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrying_capacity More)
Hats for Haiti
Our school has been collecting loose change for Haiti in a jug int he commons area.  The student council is inviting all kids and staff to wear a hat tomorrow for Hats for Haiti!  It would be great if all participants would throw in a little change!  (More)
The Big Day...
Tomorrow is a big day in 3rd grade!  We are rock climbing from 9:30- 12:30.  Don't forget comfy clothes and sneakers...chaperones too!!  I can't wait to enjoy the fun with everyone! Student Council Elections...will be held tomorrow.  We will be en (More)
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