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Week 10...Double Digits
We have been so full of learning this year.  It seems hard to keep caught up in all of the awesomeness (probably not a true word.. but how it really is).  I am so excited each day to see how much learning is happening and how hard our class tries. (More)
May Week 3- Cedar Point
Tomorrow I am going to Cedar Point for band! We are performing our two songs, Chisolm, and Fallbrook March. Then, we will go to Cedar Point for the rest of the day! I hope we get a good title! Wish us luck! -Eden H (More)
May Week 2- Walks in the Creek
Walks by the Creek Oh how I love walks by the Creek My boots Squishing and Squashing in the mud I can see the creek Flowing with water and leaves I carefully step down in the water Not colder, not hotter just water. Walks i (More)
May Week 1- All Night Jam
Have you ever had an all nighter? Well, I am this Friday! Me and the middle school students at my church are going to stay up all night and go to wild places! We\'re going to skate world, a cool restaurant I forget the name of, and FORD FIELD! It is (More)
May Week 1- The Show is Over?? All ready??
The Musical is over! I am so so sad. I had such a great experience and it was so much fun! We did really great. I wonder what show we will do next year? Well, I\'m sure it\'s going to be fun!!! =Eden H (More)
April Week 2- The Musical
So you know how I am in my school\'s production of High School Musical? Well, it\'s almost here! I cant wait! I am a Brainiac in the show. My favorite songs that I am in are Counting On You, Stick to the Status Quo, and We\'re all in this Together. M (More)
Mar. Week 3- Doorbell
Ding-Dong Someones at the door! Someones at the door! Who is at the door! Why are they at the door! Oh how I want to smell the one at the door! Why are you picking me up? Why are you locking me in this room? I want to see who (More)
Mar. Week 3-Unleashed
I\'m free! I\'m free! I\'m free! I\'m free! I\'m free! I\'m free! I\'m lost.   -A dog poem (More)
Feb. Week 2- Happy Valentines Day!
All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn\'t hurt. Happy Valentines Day! My favorite part of Valentines day is all the treats we get!  So I thought this was a fun, very sweet game to play! More)
Feb. Week 2- Bubble Bread Pizza
Today, in Skills for Living Today, we will cook Today, is Bubble Bread Pizza Day Today, it will be yummy Today, we will be pizza chefs To bad I\'m the Dishwasher. . . This Poem was written a few weeks ago when I made Bubble (More)
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