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The Great Lakes: The U.S. and Canada's Freshwater Treasure!
Today we took a very cursory look at the Great Lakes and how it is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world.  In this chapter we will look at the Great Lakes and its connected watershed, while also trying to understand how we can best use it, w (More)
Chapter three test completed today!
Today the students started and completed the chapter three test.  I am in the process of grading these tests and some of the grades are already on the students' Powerschool.  I will attempt to grade the remainder this evening.  Wish me luck. Tomor (More)
The Great Lakes Debate was a success!
Today all classes participated in the Great Lakes Debate.  I was really impressed with how well prepared each side was and it showed in the debate.  Both sides had excellent points and used the proper decorum and behavior during the debate.  They wer (More)
Research for Great Lakes Debate just about done!
Today all classes started and mostly completed their research for the Great Lakes Debate.  The students spent their time traveling around the classroom visiting three different stations.  Those stations represented the three biggest threats to our Gr (More)
Chapter 3 tests graded and posted in Powerschool!
Hello and happy Saturday Night!  I am sorry I did not post this last night.  All of the chapter three tests have been graded and are now posted to PowerSchool.  Please fell free to email me with any questions and/or concerns that you might have.  On (More)
Jeopardy Review tomorrow and test on Friday!
In case you didn't already know, we will be doing our Jeopardy Review game tomorrow in class.  This will help the students prepare for the test on Friday.  They will NOT need their technology for this. I have been reminding everyone that they shou (More)
Started looking at the Great Lakes and its ecosystem!
Although the students have a test Friday on Chapter three, I decided to move forward with some new material.  The information that we looked at today should truly "hit home" with most of the students.  The Great Lakes are part of our life here in Mic (More)
How Polluted Are Our Great Lakes
http://www.freshwater.org/index.php/water-quality/162 More)
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