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My type of learning!
  Have you ever taken a survey on yourself? That\'s what I did today after school. It was packed full of quick and simple questions that told me what type of learner I am.  Even though this sounds extremely boring, it showed me how I learned (More)
Adjust to the River!
I remember the thrill of navigating the magnificent river...planning strategies to maneuver through each stretch of the river to avoid colliding with rocks and flipping over into the fast moving current of the river. Life in education today seems to (More)
Hello world!
Welcome to this site designed to spark thinking, share ideas, thoughts, and perspectives.   (More)
My digital Story
 This is the link to the video please click on download on the video that is next to Anna C  http://cookwilkie11.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/Digital+Stories    (More)
These are my two questions to go to Nasa. How are the living conditions when your in space? Dose being in space for a long time give you space madness or is that just a myth? from Anna C (More)
Hi mom and dad! I hope that you are enjoying student -led- conferences. our class worked really hard on this so I hope you are having a good time! (More)
To comment on ANY post just click on it's name and it will take you to a separate page. then type in your post and click the submit I will be happy to approve it, if it;s not mean. Here try it out on this page (More)
A little bit about me~ AEC4
Your probably wondering why my name is AEC4 well it's not my real name is Anna this is just a name I use for security. I am a fun girl who enjoys going on adventures and dancing. I also LOVE to bake and even have my own baking business (See that in a (More)
      I want to learn more about wild animals of michigan! 🙂     Hi, Welcome to my new blog. I just changed my wonder look at all the difforent pages to learn more!      Look at the daily news (More)
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