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Math- Fractions Practice Science- River town activity Social Studies-DNH Reading-M-step Finished/Math Practice Music permission slips due Tigers game permission slips due Band and Orchestra shirt forms due with money by the 24th. (More)
Geogames Committee Letters Due on Monday!
Today all students worked on their Geogames Committee letters, with many of them finishing within class time.  However, some were unable to complete this assignment, so it will need to be finished at home.  Students have a few different ways to turn (More)
3rd Marking Period began today!
It is kind of hard to believe, but we are already in our 3rd marking period as of today.  Please take some time to check out your students 2nd marking period grades in PowerSchool.  If you notice that the grade has gone down from the last time you ch (More)
Students looked at forces that work for and against Supranational Cooperation!
Today the students were introduced to how the European Union uses  supranational cooperation to work toward shared goals.  They also got an opportunity to see which forces work for and against this type of cooperation.  The forces that work for supra (More)
Homework for those that did not finish in class on Friday!
Hello all.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I wanted to let you know that on Friday we started chapter 14, which covers a bit about the European Union.  We read the first 3 pages of the chapter and pages 104 & 105 from the Interactive Studen (More)
Thank you to my A2 families for your generosity!
I would like to thank those families in my A2 class for their amazing generosity.  Our Adopt-A-Family is going to have an incredible holiday season because of your thoughtfulness.  You would not believe how much stuff was donated.  It was so kind and (More)
Officially began chapter 9 with all classes today!
Today all classes began chapter 9, which is the study of spatial inequality, specifically in Mexico City, Mexico.  Students read pages 141, 142, & 143 in their textbooks.  We worked on page 72 in their ISN's as a class.  I gave 2nd hour, 4th hour (More)
Started Chapter 8-Migration to the United States: The Impact on People and Places
Today we started looking at migration to the United States and its impact on people and places.  Students were asked to complete the preview activity on pages 64 & 65 in their Interactive Student Notebooks.  They were asked to think of someone th (More)
3 different homework assignments due tomorrow!
Yep!  There are three different homework assignments due tomorrow, prior to Thanksgiving Break.  Students were given sufficient time in class today, as well as last week, to finish all three.  Anything not done by tomorrow will be considered late.  I (More)
1st & 2nd hours at different places than 4th, 5th, & 6th!
Because of the ½ day on Monday, 1st & 2nd hours are at different places than 4th, 5th, & 6th hours.  1st and 2nd hours worked on pages 59,60,61,62, & 63 in their Interactive Student Notebooks.  Those that were unable to finish these pages (More)
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