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9-21-17 homework
Math- 10 times larger and smaller with place value- understanding Social Studies- Cultural share Writing projects on Tuesday Reading- Note sheet to think outside the book Camp meeting made camp journals and travel/bunk friends Spanish- (More)
9-20-17 homework
Math- Place value chart, difference between digit and value Science- Chain game challenge Reading- Think outside the book, using I think, I notice in your readers notebook Writing- Concrete words from read aloud, idea for story by Tuesday (More)
9-19-17 homework
Math- Know, notice, wonder about place value Reading- Think ''outside the box'' sticky note about the book 1+ Art Spanish- color game B and O Tomorrow D-day PE Camp forms (More)
Students received Study Guide for chapter 1 & 2 test!
Hello all.  I hope you are having a great day.  I wanted to let you know that today the students received a copy of the chapter 1 & 2 study guide.  This does not mean that we will have a test this week, it only means that I wanted to make sure th (More)
9-18-17 homework
math-review of place value need to look at labels of place value science-teamwork bird video s.s.-region challenge started writing-spelling word test a writing map about anything music tomorrow c day art Spanish and b and o camp for (More)
9-15-17 homework
math-finished nwea reading s.s.-finished native american intro culture guest reader for patriots day from the woman's bar assosiasion kindergarten buddies Spanish review and commands Mon. b day music camp forms PICTURE DAY MONDAY (More)
9-14-17 homework
math-pascals triangle pattern science-marshmallow challenge teamwork and reputation p.e. writing-first time and last time prompt personal narrative pre-write tomorrow is a day Spanish no b and o camp forms links forms due tomorro (More)
9-13-17 homework
s.s.-intro to native american regions reading nwea service job meeting art-little free library Spanish-commands b and o tomorrow is d day p.e. shoes links form due friday CAMP FORMS (More)
9-12-17 homework
math-pascals triangle pattern science-marshmallow challenge s.s.-intro to native american regions camp meeting parents meeting tonight at 7:00 in the media center writing-special person story tomorrow is c day art Spanish and b and (More)
9-11-17 homework
math-recognizing patterns 100 chart Spanish-snowball game B and O-online handbook inst. due next Tuesday Media-check out procedures Rolan birthday book tomorrow is b day music link form due friday hurricane donations can be turne (More)
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