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Parent-Teacher Conferences in the book!
  I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of the parents who came out to parent-teacher conferences last evening and tonight.  I am always amazed by the amount of parents who take time out of their evening to come and se (More)
math-lesson 2 patterns with muiltlping and dividing by products of 10 science-pee poop barf social studies-review for test on Monday study reading-exact or precise word evidence HOMEWORK writing-conclusions and words there way P.E. Ada (More)
Math-look for patterns of zeros and products and placement of decimals in quotients science-DNH social studies- DNH reminder test monday Art-finish 30 shapes on 2 vanishing points HOMEWORK Reading-read 30 minutes Writing-DNH B and O (More)
10/10/17 homework
math-start lesson 2 skip count groups of 10 science-living and nonliving things social studies-finished unit 3 test Monday 10/16 reading-exact words find one exact word to describe character writing-personal narrative elaboration music (More)
10/9/17 homework
MATH- lesson 1 exit slip B & O Spanish reading-think outside the book build theory about main character Tom. is d-day music Battle book bunddles Troubadurs starts tom.   (More)
We started Chapter 3 on Canada today!
Today all classes began chapter three on Canada today, which started with an introduction on the incredible diversity of the physical geography of Canada.  This diversity leads people in Canada to live very different lifestyles based on which provinc (More)
Math-Place value problem set Battle of the books talk Band and Orchestra and Spanish Reading-Object hold close and why for Monday Monday is A day Spanish Band and Orchestra   (More)
Finished working on the Canada and the United States Mapping Lab!
Students worked on the remainder of their Canada and the United States Mapping Labs.  Many students were able to finish the entire packet and turn it in, however there were also many who did not.  Those students will need to finish it at home this ev (More)
Letters for Houston Buddies Reading-Make theory with text evidence for Monday on lined sheet of paper Camp shirts for Thursday and Camp forms home today for missing Bingham Contract Monday D day- gym   (More)
Math- Splash Math Science- Camp diseussion Social Studies- Tribes Writing-Story mountain Delayed start Music Tomorrow Spanish, Art, and, bagel day Return Camp Forms   (More)
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