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math-decompose rectangular prism science-DNH social studies-complete unit three reading-research organize text structure drafting today-art P.E. tomorrow-C-day spanish B+O opera permmission slip (More)
math-exit slip for volume of net science-whats inside a mock rock social studies-DNH reading-research organization text structure language arts- start drafting today- A day b+o and spanish tommorow-B-day art P.E. (More)
5/8/17 Information
Math-2 D vocab challenge, 3 D volume cube building Science- DNH Social Studies- DNH Reading- Pathblazer reading Writing- Research Today- D-Day- Music Tomorrow- A-Day- Spanish and B+O Spanish field trip from and money Berkshire (More)
3/24/2017 Information
Math- Moana Science- Saltwater and Fresh Water Social Studies- DNH Reading- March Madness round 3 due Monday Writing- Buddies- Book poster Today-C-Day- Spanish and no B&O Monday- D-Day- Music Spanish HW food people project du (More)
3/23/2017 Information
Math- Multiplication of decimals Science- Return test signed Social Studies- DNH Reading- March Madness round 3/ Word wall/vocab/list in readers notes Writing- DNH Today-B-Day-Art and no PE Tomorrow-C-Day- Spanish and no B&O (More)
2/22/2017 Information
Math- Multiplication of decimals continued\ Science- Test back sign and return Social Studies- DNH Reading-March Madness Round 2 due tomorrow and New vocab words HW Writing Fun Fair basket and and Math continued Today-A-Day- Spanish &a (More)
3/21/2017 Information
Math- Exit slip & Checked over Homework Science- DNH Social Studies- Took our test Reading- NWEA and March madness due Thursday Writing- Research Today-D-day- Music Tomorrow-A-Day- Spanish and B&O- Student council tom. (More)
3/20/17 Information
Math-Multiplication of Decimals Practice sheet for HW and Test signed and returned due Tomorrow Science-DNH Social Studies-Review and Test Tomorrow Reading-NWEA and March Madness Round #1 due Tomorrow Writing-Book Fair and Report Cards EN (More)
3/17/17 Information
Math-Mulitplication with Decimals Using Area Model Science-Quiz Social Studies-DNH Test on Tuesday Reading-Nonfiction St. Patricks writing with Buddies Writing-March Madness Reading Intro Round 1 Today-B-Day-Art & P.E.-School Store (More)
3/16/17 Information
Math-Multiplication with decimals & new partners Science-Review for Test Tomorrow Social Studies-DNH Test on Tuesday Reading-Push and Pull with buddies Writing-Video Research with Main Idea and supporting details Today-A-Day-Spanis (More)
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