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4-28-17 Information
Math- math challenge science- buddies social studies- B&O & art language arts- P.E today- b bay B&O and art and P.E tomorrow- c day Spanish and B&O finish study guide for test Wednesday may 3rd yearbook forms, and Sp (More)
4-26-17 Information
Math-  decimal division problems Science- earth day packet Social Studies- DNH Language Arts- silent reading and Pathblazers Writing- Research project Today-D day music Tomorrow- A day Spanish, Spanish homework due tomorrow yearb (More)
information 4/25/17
Math-Mstep Science-Music Social Study's-Music Reading/writing-Mstep Today-a-day Music Next day-B-day gym and pe.   (More)
4-24-17 information
Math- Pathblazer Science- DNH Social Studies- Native American experience Writing- Nonfiction group research today- Art and P.E tomorrow- B&O and Spanish 5th grade class picture tom. 9am, Social Studies MStep tomorrow, tigers per (More)
4/13/17 Information
Math- M-step Science- M-step Social Studies- M-step Reading- M-step Writing- M-step NO SCHOOL TOMORROW Today D day Music Concert permission slip Monday is A day-Spanish and B&O B&O shirt money and Tigers Forms for jobs (More)
4/12/17 information
Math- Division with decimal practice Science- DNH Social Studies- Ice age unit 3 intro Reading- Research intro to note taking Writing- DNH Today C day Spanish and B&O Tomorrow D day Music ELA M-step Music permission slips (More)
4/10/17 information
Math- Mult & Dir practice Science- DNH Social Studies- Chapter 3 intro Reading- Reading march madness final Writing- Research intro- safe search Today- Bday Spanish and B&O Tomorrow- Art and PE ELA M step A.m. (More)
3/31/17 Information
Math-Horton Hears A Who Science-DNH Social Studies-DNH Reading-D.E.A.R., Buddies, and Reading Home of the Brave and Final 2 for March Madness (Go Jenna) Writing-Research Plan and Finished Mission Statement Today-D-Day-Music Monday(T (More)
3/30/17 Information
Math-Multiplying Decimals Science-DNH Social Studies-DNH Language Arts-Research Groups Today-C-Day-Spanish B&O-Electronic Day Tomorrow-D-Day-Music-Pajama Day-D.E.A.R. (Drop everything And Read)-Reading w/ Buddies (More)
3/29/17 Information
Math- Problem Set Multiply Decimals HW If Not Finished Science-Video Clips & Finished Graph Social Studies-DNH Reading-Final 4 March Madness and Research Project Writing-Research Project Today-B-Day-Art & P.E. Tomorrow-C-Day (More)
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