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2/8/17 information
Math- Lesson 4 problem set Science- DNH Social Studies- Map challenge Reading- Pathblazer and Myon Writing- DNH (Recess) Today- C-Day Spanish and B&O Tomorrow- D-Day Music (More)
1/31/17 Information
Math-Nature Center Science-DNH Social Studies-Test Language Arts-Nature Center Today-B-Day-Art and P.E.-Tie day Tomorrow-C-Day-Spanish and B&O- Crazy socks for kindness week JRFH Forms Pennies For Power (Doesn't have to be ju (More)
1/30/17 Information
Math- Mini NWEA check in Reading- 1st grade kindness activity Science- Kindness Work Social Studies- Test Tomorrow ( tp02bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us ) Writing- Kindness work Today- A-day - Spanish and B&O Tomorrow- B day - P.E. - F (More)
1/27/17 information
Math- Exit slip Science-DNH Social Studies- Test on Tuesday Reading- Buddies Writing- research and started graphic organizer Today- Music C-Day Tomorrow- B&O and Spanish D-Day Pennies For Power and Jump Rope For Heart and dad (More)
1/26/17 information
Math-  Completed problem set Science- Finished beetle project and started rolly polly project Social Studies- Test next week Tuesday. Teachtci.com Ms. Paige's email adress tp0bps@birmingham .k12.us Reading- Argument structure Writing- fin (More)
1/25/17 inormation
Math- standard, expanded, and unit forms and HW sheet 1,2, and 3 practice. Science- dry, moist, and wet soil with black beetles in runway. Social Studies- DNH and test next Tuesday. Reading- argument HW Writing- flash draft and research (More)
1/23/17 information
Math- standard, expanded, unit form Science- DNH Social studies- Finished social scientists test next week Reading- Corrected structure HW Writing- Pick nonfiction topic started flash draft today- music Tomorrow- A-Day Spanish and B (More)
1/20/17 information
Math-Corrected exit slip, Math jeopardy Science- Finish terrarium, built runway Social studies- DNH Reading-  Text structures Writing-Buddies Today- C-Day Spanish and B plus O Monday- Music field trip permission slip Jump Rope (More)
1/19/17 information
Math- lesson four exit slip science- spelling bee Social studies - DNH Reading- list and matrix, text structures Writing- spelling bee B-day- art and p.e. Tomorrow c-day- spanish b plus o jrh forms math pentathelon tomorrow af (More)
1/18/17 Information
Math- convert/rename mm and cm to meters worksheet/ problem set is HW due tom. Science- recorded plant growth/results, copied down vocabulary word defenitions Social studies- DNH Reading- intro to text structure, topical net Writing- flas (More)
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