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6/8/17 information
Math-Completed Challenge Science-DNH Social Study's-Market Economy Packet  last too pages homework Writing-paper do TOMORROW Reading-presets do tomorrow Today-B day Art and PE Tomorrow-field day wear athletic cloths  8:00 am come an (More)
6/7/17 information
math-dnh Science-rock quiz social study's-dnh language arts-b and o concert and staff volleyball game today-spanish b and o (More)
6/5/17 information
Math-partner project due tomorrow Science-scratch test Stoical study's-dnh writing-draft due fri reading-precepts   (More)
6/2/17 Information
Math-Partner Challenge Science-DNH Social Studies-Market Economy Reading-Silent Read Writing-Group Talk Today-B-DAY-Art and P.E.-Buddies Mon.-C-Day-spanish (fOOD)and B&O End of year party permission slip (More)
6/1/17 Information
Math-Partner Challenge Science-DNH Social Studies-Finished Scarcity Packet Reading-Precepts Writing-DRAFTS DUE TOMORROW-Baldwin Library Today-A-Day-Spanish&B&O-Combined B&O on mon. Tom.-B-Day-Art & P.E. Party Fiel (More)
5/30/17 Information
Math-Sculpture challenge start Science-Mock Rock Evaporation Social Studies-DNH Reading-K-1 Assembly Writing-Draft Due Friday\ Today-Spanish & B&O Tomorrow- NO MUSIC-Field Trip WEAR COMFY SHOES Promotion permission slip (More)
May 26 information
math-opera science- mineral property's social studies- DNH reading- read aloud writing-opera today- B-day art PE Tuesday is c-day Spanish and  b&o no school monday (More)
may 25 information
Math- volume formula and number sentences Science- DNH Social studies- completed scarcity situations Reading- precepts organizer Writing - draft of nf article today- a-day Spanish and b and o tom- b-day art and PE opera tom at se (More)
May 24 information
Math- Create net on plain paper with area and volume Science-DNH Social studies -economy vocabulary and scarcity situations reading- precepts graphic organizer writing- draft of research today- D-day music tom- A-day Spanish b and o (More)
May 23 information
Math-exit slip and creating own net Science-mock rock and volume Social studies- DNH reading- precepts search writing-intro\conclusion drafts of research topic Today- C-day Spanish and b&o Tom-D-day Music Student council part (More)
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