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Mar. Week 4- I will Fly
Heart pounding Piers Crowding Do I take this leap Do I ride this ride You won\'t hear a peep Before I Fly Before I fly fly fly In the day Throughout the Night You won\'t hear me cry I will soar through the wind, and rain (More)
Mar. Week 2- What do I Want to Be?
Do you ever get asked what you want to be when you grow up, and have no idea what to say. When I was little, I had always dreamed of being a doctor. But once I found out some of the things a doctor has to do (including blood) then I had second though (More)
Mar. Week 1- This is Me
I live my everyday Not knowing what to change I try to go my own way But something wants to restrain I\'m like a baby bird in it\'s nest, not knowing what to do So I say goodbye to the rest, knowing that I will soon   I am h (More)
Whether you need to tell someone else, or tell yourself. It will make someone feel better. Even if it\'s just a smile. In this world, we need to stop doing what we are supposed to do, and start doing what we need to do. We just need to remember... Y (More)
Feb. Week 2- Bubble Bread Pizza
Today, in Skills for Living Today, we will cook Today, is Bubble Bread Pizza Day Today, it will be yummy Today, we will be pizza chefs To bad I\'m the Dishwasher. . . This Poem was written a few weeks ago when I made Bubble (More)
Feb. Week 1- Jeremiah 29:11
I am a christian. My favorite verse out of the Bible is \"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11  NIV This means to not worry a (More)
January Book Review- Soul Surfer
MY PLAN FOR READING Book Title: Soul Surfer Author: Bethany Hamilton Number of pages, or number of chapters. 15 chapters How many total days do you have to finish reading the book? 24 days How many pages  a day  or chapters per w (More)
Jan. Week 5- Kid Inventor Day
A few weeks ago, it was National Kid Inventor Day. If I was an inventor, I would invent remote control paint. This would be paint for your walls, water color, acrylic, any type of paint, that you can design the color of! So you take the magic paint, (More)
Vaccine to Stop Chickens from spreading H5N1
A British team of researchers put a gene into chickens that prevents the flu to replicate, so if one chicken gets the flu, it can’t pass it onto other chickens or humans. This was reported on the current issue of Science, and this injection will solv (More)
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