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Reviewing for chapter 23 quiz tomorrow!
Tomorrow all students will have an opportunity to better prepare themselves for the quiz on Friday.  We will spend the entire class period reviewing quiz material.  Students should bring their study guides with them, as they can take notes during the (More)
Chapter 23 quiz on Friday!
Today in class I passed out an incomplete study guide.  I know some of you had to re-read that last sentence, but it is true.  I basically outlined the chapter by 5 general themes and then asked the students to fill in the missing information.  I pro (More)
Sorry I have been gone from the blog for a week!
Hello to all.  I want to apologize for been absent from the blog for the last week.  I was helping out with the school musical and became a bit obsessed with it.  I thank you for your patience with me and I promise not let it happen again. I wante (More)
Chapter 17 test will be on Monday March 26th!
Today I set the test date for the chapter 17 test.  We will be taking this test on Monday March 26th.  I am going to be handing out study guides to all classes tomorrow, but I am also putting an electronic copy in this post.  You can download it and (More)
Chapter 14 test on Friday!
I set the date for the chapter 14 test.  The test date will be this Friday February 2nd.  I passed out the study guide for the test today.  Here is a copy of the study guide if you would like to take a look.  More)
Handing out Study Guide for Chapter Eight Tomorrow!
Hello all.  I wanted to let you know that I will be passing out a copy of the study guide for chapter eight tomorrow.  I have not set a test date as of right now, but it will probably be on Wednesday of next week.  I will announce this officially tom (More)
Chapter five on Urban Sprawl mostly finished today!
Today all classes were able to work through the end of chapter five on Urban Sprawl.  We worked on pages 45 and 46 in the Interactive Student Notebook.  We also read the final three sections in the textbook, which were on Atlanta, Georgia, as well as (More)
Urban Sprawl test date set!
Hello to all SEVEN of you who are reading this.  I wanted to let you know that I set the date for the chapter five Urban Sprawl test.  The test will be on Monday November 13th.  I am aware that several students will be gone from this Wednesday throug (More)
Chapter three test date set!
In case you missed yesterday's post, I have set the date for the chapter three test.  It will be this Monday October 16th.  I also passed out the study guide for this test, which you can download right here if you would like to see it.  More)
Finished the Canada Region Game!
Today the class continued to work in their partnerships and were able to finish all five rounds of the Canada Region Game.  The rounds consisted of population, language, climate, buildings, and economic activity.  When they were finished with the gam (More)
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