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Sumerian City-States. What did they look like?
A Sumerian City-State. What did it look like? What important features did it have? Mrs. Gilmore will give you a blank paper to draw, color, and label a diagram or map of a Sumerian city-state. Your diagram or map must include these things: (More)
Lesson 5: Pre Reading & Key Terms
Pre Reading. This was provided to students at school. If you need a copy, print it from here: Ancient World Prereading   (More)
The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
Created by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History allows chronological, geographic, and thematic explorations of the history of art from around the world. More)
Review after reading Section 4.4: Uncontrolled Water Supply
Mesopotamian irrigation using levees, dams, canals, pools, More)
How did the Sumerian City States Emerge?
After we have read the chapter, respond  to the questions below as a comment. Be sure to include your first name, last initial, and class period. FOOD SHORTAGES 1. How did Mesopotamians Respond? 2. Why did you think they responded this way? (More)
Mesopotamia: From Nomads to Farmers (Nippur with Nisaba\'s Journal
As a comment list (of at least) 5 new ideas you learned from this video. Remember: 1.  Number each idea (1-5), 2. begin with capital letters, 3.  end with periods, 4. include your first name, last initial, and class period at the t (More)
British Museum- Mesopotamia WebQuest
http://www.mesopotamia.co.uk/menu.html   Explore the website linked above.  You will learn about Asyria, Babylon, and Sumer.  1. For each city-state list 4 facts you learned from cl (More)
Sumerian City States
  As a comment below, list 3 questions you have about The Rise of Sumerian City-States.  (Possibly you want to know what a Sumerian city-state is?) Be sure you include your first name, last initial and class period. (More)
SOJANET Press Release: freelancer-journalist was injured in Somalia.
Link: http://www.sunatimes.com/view.php?id=565 The Somali Journalists Association Network (SOJANET) has l (More)
Somalian Piracy
For years now the pirates have terrorized ships and villages for over two hundred years. the American Navy in the 1800's won the war against piracy. then pirate action died down for about a century. but over the last decade they have been coming back (More)
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