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Filmed most of the Aral Sea Documentaries!
Today we were able to film most of the Aral Sea Documentaries, however due to some student absences, some groups will need to film tomorrow.  My plan is to transfer all of the videos to my computer, where I can watch the presentations more closely.   (More)
Chapter 1 & 2 test finished today!
Just wanted to let you know that most, if not all of the students, finished taking their first test today.  My goal is to have them graded, put in Powerschool, and returned to the students by Wednesday. I sent an email to those parents who I have (More)
3 best websites to find out about weapons
  The Talos Exoskeleton https://newsela.com/articles/iron-man/id/1666/ The TALOS suit is an exoskeleton, just like Iron Man. An exosk (More)
Navy introduces the Railgun, a previously designed weapon that can fire a slug 100 miles at mach 7. The slugs are only 25,000 a pop, which is much more cost-effective than the missiles that cost millions. A \"mini-railgun\" can penetrate 6 (More)
Week 6
The magic technology elves are causing some issues!  My blog did not post last week for everyone to see, emails are not getting to me and my replies are not always getting to you.  Grrrrr.... It is so hard to believe how dependent I have become on el (More)
Robotic Dog?!
Who: Christina DesMarais What: The BigDog robot was created. Where: Boston, Massachusetts When: March 3, 2013 Why: So that it can help with search and rescue missions and clearing debris in dangerous or unstable situations. Creative Opi (More)
A Laser Projected Keyboard from Google Glass?!
Summary: Nancy Owano made an article that talks about Google Glass on January 13, 2013. In New York, USA, Google Glass is using glasses and lasers to project keyboards and keypads that connect to our devices. They are making it because it's fun to we (More)
Oxygen Loss?
Opinion 1/4/13 I think the Brizilians are doing a better job on preserving the Amazon rainforest. I think it will really help the world because the the Amazon is responsible for over 20% of the Earth's oxygen. Brazil is really standing up for the ra (More)
Our Evergrowing Population
opinion: My opinion on the maximum world population has changed. i used to believe that we were doomed because of how badly we are with our growth and resources. now i think that we are trying to adapt and advance to the changes, we are using our (More)
Email Drama
It seems there has been an email mess in teh BPS district...grr!  The staff has been recieving a ton of spam adn now several staff have been hacked.  As a result we are not getting  all of our emaila nd when we reply to yours, some bounce back adn ot (More)
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