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Chapter Five Test finished today!
Today most of the students were able to finish their chapter five Urban Sprawl test today during class.  I will be grading them and getting them back to the students as soon as possible.  Tomorrow we will start our new chapter on Consumption patterns (More)
Chapter Five Test is TOMORROW!
Happy Sunday!  Don't forget that tomorrow is the chapter five test on urban sprawl.  Hopefully your children have taken my advice and not waited until tonight to study.  I told them that a good way to prepare for this test is to take about 20 minutes (More)
Review, Review, Review for the test!
Today and tomorrow will be a strictly review day to help the students prepare for the chapter five Urban Sprawl test on Monday.  Today the students were introduced to a 30 question kahoot that does an excellent job of mimicking the actual information (More)
Chapter five on Urban Sprawl mostly finished today!
Today all classes were able to work through the end of chapter five on Urban Sprawl.  We worked on pages 45 and 46 in the Interactive Student Notebook.  We also read the final three sections in the textbook, which were on Atlanta, Georgia, as well as (More)
Urban Sprawl test date set!
Hello to all SEVEN of you who are reading this.  I wanted to let you know that I set the date for the chapter five Urban Sprawl test.  The test will be on Monday November 13th.  I am aware that several students will be gone from this Wednesday throug (More)
Urban Sprawl Policy Planning activity!
Today we started the Urban Sprawl Policy Planning activity.  Students were placed into groups of five and each person was assigned one of the five roles within a planning commission board.  These roles are planning commissioner, smart growth advocate (More)
Continued working on Urban Sprawl!
Today students continued to look at how Urban Sprawl has both a positive and negative effect on people and the environment.  Students will now focus on three different cities in North American that have had to deal with Urban Sprawl.  These cities ar (More)
I know!  You must think I am the most evil person at Derby.  Now, before you make that decision, understand a few things.  This quiz was an open note, open book opportunity. The quiz was only 20 questions. Those students who got more than 4 w (More)
Finished the last of our Urban Sprawl material!
Just wanted to let you know that today in class we finished the last of of chapter on urban sprawl.  Normally this would mean that we are coming up on test time, but as I mentioned yesterday, it will only be a very brief quiz.  No need for study guid (More)
Policy Planning and Interest Groups meet about Toronto and Atlanta!
Today the policy planning and interest groups met to discuss urban sprawl in Toronto and Atlanta.  They worked on pages 41 and 42 of their interactive student notebooks, as well as reading section 5,6, & 7 of chapter five.  If your child has been (More)
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