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I know!  You must think I am the most evil person at Derby.  Now, before you make that decision, understand a few things.  This quiz was an open note, open book opportunity. The quiz was only 20 questions. Those students who got more than 4 w (More)
Finished the last of our Urban Sprawl material!
Just wanted to let you know that today in class we finished the last of of chapter on urban sprawl.  Normally this would mean that we are coming up on test time, but as I mentioned yesterday, it will only be a very brief quiz.  No need for study guid (More)
Policy Planning and Interest Groups meet about Toronto and Atlanta!
Today the policy planning and interest groups met to discuss urban sprawl in Toronto and Atlanta.  They worked on pages 41 and 42 of their interactive student notebooks, as well as reading section 5,6, & 7 of chapter five.  If your child has been (More)
Policy Planning groups and Interest Groups meet about Portland, Oregon!
Today we worked in both our policy planning and interest groups looking at the problems with urban sprawl in Portland, Oregon.  It was Portland’s growing population that first began to worry people in the 1960s and 1970s. They feared that urban spraw (More)
Started our Policy Planning experiential learning activity on Friday!
Hello all.  Happy Sunday to you and yours.  On Friday, all classes began the policy planning experiential learning activity.  All students were placed into policy planning groups of five and then given a specific interest group.  The interest groups (More)
Wondering what you missed? Check it out!
Today we started working on Urban Sprawl and its effects on people and the planet.  Students were able to look at a map of Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona in 1955 and compare it to Phoenix, Arizona in 1995.  Some differences that were apparent were the (More)
Preview Kahoot today!
Today the students participated in a Kahoot preview for chapter five, which deals with Urban Sprawl and its effects on three North American cities-Atlanta, Georgia, Portland, Oregon, and Toronto, Ontario.  If you would like to see this Kahoot, please (More)
Great Lakes Editorials are due tomorrow!
Yes!  You heard correctly.  The Great Lakes Editorials are due tomorrow.  Most students were able to finish them in class today, but there were some that will need to do so this evening.  I made sure to remind the students that they can access their (More)
Great Lakes Editorials due on Wednesday!
I just wanted to make sure that you all knew that the Great Lakes Editorials are going to be due on Wednesday at the beginning of the class.  We will spend one more class period in the media center tomorrow.  This will allow those that are not finish (More)
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