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Top 3 Places to Look Into LGBTQ Rights Globally
-Where is it Legal to be Gay? This is the best possible resource to look at if you are interested in gay rights globally.  This map shows that there is a death penalty for being gay in parts o (More)
Health and Sickness in 3rd World Countries By John D
This project covers the Ebola patients who have come into the US and the way the US has dealt with them. It covers people who have come in contact with Ebola and people who actually had or have Ebola. This project covers how well the US has fended of (More)
Mayim dance from Israel!
Watch our 5th grader in \"Israel\" teach travelers how to dance the \"Mayim Mayim\" (Water Water) Israeli folk dance. Click below! MOV_5554.MO (More)
Pierce students travel the globe!
    Students learn t (More)
Reading Knuffle Bunny for our friends in Senegal!
Sustainability Event!
We had the opportunity to present our \"We are the World\" diversity project at the Sustainbility event at Seaholm High School.  Everyone loved learning about our project and how important it is to sustain international relationships and cultural awa (More)
One book, one world: \"Thank you\" to our friends in other countries!
We want to say \"thank you\" to our friends in other countries who have joined us on our \"We are the World\" diversity project this year.  We are sending packages to each of you with the below \"thank you\" letter.  We are also giving you the book b (More)
Spain: Photo of us reading Knuffle Bunny!
Reading Knuffle Bunny: Photos for Brazil
Reading Knuffle Bunny: Photo for Canada!
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