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Watsons go to birmingham movie reveiw
I kinda liked the movie. I liked it because its a movie with very entertaining movie stuff. I didn\'t like it because it took out some chapters and smooshed some together. it  kinda frustrated me because I thought it wasn\'t the real movie/book thing (More)
Watsons Go to Birmingham: Dig Deeper
We have spent time discussing and learning about the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and now it is time to dig deeper.  Think about all the books you have read, the movies and videos we have watched and let\'s bring this all together. F (More)
Watsons Reading Strategies
Making Inferences Byron is being nice Kenny is sad Making Predictions/Asking Questions Why is Byron nice Why is Kenny believing about the Wool Pooh Making Connections, Visualizing I see Byron and Kenny in a bathroom talking while his family is (More)
Watsons Making Meaning
Chapters 12- Epilogue 1. Respond to this part of the novel by completing these sentences… a. When Kenny walked into the lake, I thought… He was gonna die. b. When Joey came to Kenny after the bombing, I thought… What is happen (More)
Watsons Key Terms
Chapter 12, willier I have no idea.. scolding To reprimand someone. Chapter 13 whirlpool Pool or bath with jets. electrocuted Electricity shock. Chapter 14 sonic boom An explosion. Chapter 15 curve (More)
Watsons- Music Critique
(Lawrence Welk in a 1965 Dodge) Ultra Glide. A record player in the car.   Yakety Yak- by the Coasters (Kenny’s favorite) More)
Watsons Go To Birmingham: Ruby Bridges
http://www.rubybridges.com/ Ruby Bridges MovieThink Tac Toe   & (More)
Watsons book review
MY PLAN FOR READING Book Title The Watsons go to Birmingham Author Christopher Paul Curtis Number of pages, or number of chatpers. 210 pages How many total days do you have to finish reading the book? 28 days How many pages a day or c (More)
Chapter 8-11 Key Terms
Chapter 8 pinnacle Peak of Mountain seniority Senior citizen dispersal Scattering phonic Relating to speech sounds hapharzardly randomly hacked Cut with blows patter Repeating tapping sound swoon maestr (More)
Watsons Go To Birmingham: A Time for Justice
From: Teaching Tolerance       On Vimeo... http://vimeo.com/14622811   http://www.to (More)
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