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Watsons Reading Strategies
The Watsons Go to Birmingham- 1963 Reading Strategies Prior Knowledge - Life was very segregated in the 1960s. -Michigan can have very cold temperatures. -I know a conk is a very thick, tall hair style. -I know garbage trucks don\'t ac (More)
Watsons Go To Birmingham Key Terms
Define each word below. Then you need to add two words that you find while reading that you didn’t know and add those to this list. You may use a book dictionary or an online dictionary source. CHAPTERS 1-3  You will have a total of 9 words. NO (More)
Watsons Making Meaning
Making Meaning. Category= Watsons Go to Birmingham Title = Watsons Making Meaning CHAPTERS 1- 3 1.  Why do you think Kenny is afraid when he realizes that the reading he has been chosen to do will be for Byron’s class? Kenny is afraid (More)
Book Review: The Watsons Go To Birmingham- 1963
MY PLAN FOR READING Book Title: The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 Author: Christopher Paul Curtis Number of pages, or number of chapters. 15 chapters and 206 pages. How many total days do you have to finish reading the book? About 3 (More)
Vaccine to Stop Chickens from spreading H5N1
A British team of researchers put a gene into chickens that prevents the flu to replicate, so if one chicken gets the flu, it can’t pass it onto other chickens or humans. This was reported on the current issue of Science, and this injection will solv (More)
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