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Another week!
WOW!  We have had an amazing few weeks full of great excitement and adventure. We loved our guest reader, Mr. Calvin.  He is a familiar face for those who shop at Premier Pet.  We enjoyed a great stories, and loved learning about many different an (More)
11 is better than 10
11 awesome weeks are in the books!  I am continually amazed at how fast our time in third grade moves!  We are having a lot of fun and the learning is fantastic! On Tuesday, we are taking our first field trip to the Nature Center.  Our trip has ch (More)
Lucky Number 7!
We\'re so lucky... it is week 7!  There are a lot of things moving, grooving, and going! Here is our week... MEAP: We will be \"meaping\"only one day this week and it is Math! Lots of rest, breakfast, and reminding to try their best! Th (More)
Week 5... Making it Happen!
Another great week is coming our way.  I am so excited about all of the fantastic learning that is happening in our room and grade! Here is our week... Language Arts: Read aloud: The Candy Corn Contest We are continuing to fine tune our r (More)
A Bonus Day
The best laid plans... I feel that in Elementary school, this is a common statement!  I will be out of the school building again Friday.  Since this is our first time taking a word study assessment, we have decided to extend the word work homework an (More)
Our First Full Week!
It is hard to believe that we are already in the swing of third grade!  We will have our first FULL week and our class is off to a great start!  Here is what is happening in our room this week! Curriculum Night is happening tonight!  We will be ta (More)
Lucky number 7!
Another great week is stretching in front of us.... YIPPEE!! Mark your calendar for Wednesday... 6-7 pm in the third grade classrooms!  We will be hosting the Third Grade Zoo!!  Please bring extra change.  The change will make your favoite exhibit (More)
8 weeks... and holding on tight!!
These weeks seem to be getting busier!  How is this possible... I am soon going to have to open a Starbuck's in my classroom to keep me going with all this fun!! Huge thanks to the Moms and Dads who came to help with our Zoo build last week.  It w (More)
20....We have hit the BIG time!
20 weeks means lots of learning so far this year!  We have been moving right along since our February break.. so much learning! Congratulations and Thanks... for supporting your sweet kids with the many fact tests that are being taken.  I have a litt (More)
Our Week... Lucky 13!
Back to life...Back to reality ( you know you just broke into song...hehehe).  It seems like we have been off for longer than 5 days.  I hope everyone enjoyed a great long weekend with lots of Turkey, pie and FAMILY time! Here is our week... La (More)
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