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8 more weeks!
We have great projects and learning opportunities happening this week! Language Arts: Read aloud: A new one with Ms. Freedman!  Your child should be reading 20 minutes a night. Keep checking in on those reading logs.  We record books when we (More)
The countdown has begun...
A few kids told me it is only nine weeks left.  How is it possible that we are in the single digits?? Another great week is stretching in front of us! Language Arts: Read aloud: Mystery on Mackinaw Island  Your child should be reading 20 min (More)
Week 26
Can you believe it is already Spring Break next week? We have been working, learning and having so much fun!  Please read below for a few changes to our week.   Please also notice that our MSTEP dates are below.  There is more information coming on t (More)
Week 25
It is another great week in third grade. I am looking forward to seeing everyone during conferences. Thanks for being understanding in  my need to be home with my girl last week.  Lib is doing better and I am hoping that she will return to school thi (More)
Week 24
Raise your hand if you feel like it has been a rough week... This week is going to be so much better! Conference sign ups will be out later today and will happen next Thursday.  I will contact you directly if I need to see you privately about your (More)
Week 23
Here is what is coming this week: Language Arts: Read aloud: We are finishing Just Jake a funny, kid written book.  We are making \"kid cards\" and getting a few laughs in. Our battle is in FULL swing.  Keep reading. We are exploring non- (More)
Week 21
Happy Snow Day!  I hope everyone enjoyed an extra day of weekend and some time together.  We have a busy week ahead and lots of learning in store. We do have  a delayed start on Wednesday Morning! School will begin at 10:25.  The teachers and staf (More)
Week 20
We are ready for another fantastic week together. There are always so many great opportunities ready for us!  Please make sure to send snow gear and warm wear everyday.  It is always exciting when we can head outside for recess.  It is miserable to b (More)
Week 19
Another fantastic week is just beginning for us!  We have been having a great time learning and growing together.  Suddenly, our class has become much more independent.  It is always fun to watch this transition happen.  Those moments when I look aro (More)
Week 16
This week is filled with excitement to top our normal learning.  Please see the below information to help keep you in the know this week.  We are continuing through all of our work that was mentioned in last weeks blog post.  Please ask your kids abo (More)
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