Happy Spring!

IMG_2232IMG_2228compostIt’s spring and we are ready! The Multiage kids have certainly been busy…we hardly came up for air all winter!

We have been doing science projects, partner reading, word masters, spelling city, all kinds of math,presentations, and more! Phew!

With all that, we still fit in time to make compost and help out our rain garden!DSCF1106

Creating Our Portraits of Artists

tony 2Multiage Monkeys have been working hard on biographies of artists. Watch for PowerPoint presentations linked to a Glog! Mr.Fink instructed kids on how to design a Glog that would be more appropriate for an artist biography…we will look so professional!

We are going BUGGY!

Science is certainly keeping us busy! We spent an afternoon building  terrariums with our teams.  Then we built runways (Project Runway has nothing on us!) for our very own…BUGS! Pill bugs, sow bugs, beetles…oh my! Ask us about our observations and experiments; we love to share!DSCF0281DSCF0268


DSCF0004DSCF0005Starting Wednesday, November 17, the upper grades will be having  Penny Wars  to raise money for the Beaumont Hospital Pediatric floor. Students should bring in pennies to put in their individual classroom “penny jugs”…However, to add a twist( the war), classes can add silver coins to other classroom jugs which will cause  a deficit to that jug in the amount of the silver coin! Let the pennies and the “wars”  begin!


Remember Parents… conferences are Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon and evening! The students will be dismissed at noon on Thursday because of conferences…looking forward to talking with everyone!


 Along with Biggby Coffee, the Beverly kids and parents raised enough money to adopt a Bobcat and a Porcupine from the Howell Conference & Nature Center!  Thanks to everyone!

Halloween is around the Corner!

Our Halloween Team Building Pumpkin Activity:

*Class created possible categories ie. silliest, most Halloweeniest, most realistic and many more!

*Drew a sketch

*Everyone collected materials for their project

*Pumpkin creations are now in progress! Watch for more details!"Help Me! Help me!"

“Help Me! Help me!”