Sharing Our Wonders

Imagine this blog as our space for sharing updates and milestones along our quests for answers to our Wonders … a common space to be shared among the members of our learning community.

Given our activities and discussions in class, what guidelines do you feel are the most important for our community to keep in mind as we share our discoveries, resources, challenges and questions with each other and the world?

Please share your “Top 3” guidelines as comments to this post.

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16 thoughts on “Sharing Our Wonders

  1. 1. To keep private stuff away like ( Did you see what she was wearing it was so gross) on the blog. 2. Do good work on the blog not sloppy work. 3. Make sure everything that you post is school apropriate because anyone can see what you posted.

  2. 1.Keep questions and information appropriate.

    2.Only write things on the topic when you write something on this blog.

    3. No talking about other people and this site is only for school purposes only..

  3. – Anna C

    Top 3:
    We should only post respectful things and only give truthful feedback.

    We should help each other try and find anserws to our wonders.

    We should try to overcome our challenges and get through them together and istead of just doing our wonders by ourselfs we work together, so my wonder is your wonder to.

  4. 1. Alway be respectful of what others post.

    2.Make sure use school appropriate language

    3.Use the blog to do what we are suppose to do.

  5. Hannah Top 3

    Always put your resources for your information.
    Make sure if you comment on someone elses you give them help and tell them what they did good.
    Make sure you triangulate your work before you put the information on this blog.

  6. Top 3 Suggestions

    1. Well, don’t delete others’ work. If we do that, what’s the use of sharing our wonders if they’re just gonna be deleted?

    2. Be nice. Don’t tell someone thier wonder is stupid or anything, because it might just be a wonder that may change your life in the end.

    3. Try. Just don’t type something like “oh my wonder is kinda dumb cuz i wonder why we need oxegen and its like just have someone do it for me cuz they smart”, type something nice and neat to say “Yeah, I care that some random person on the other side of the globe knows what I wonder about our society and world”.

  7. Emma L’s Top Three Guidelines
    1. We should always remember to be nice and polite about all we say. A rule to remember is WTGP which is a shortened way of saying would you tell this to your grandparents?
    2. Always put your best work (AKA staying on topic, trying hard, correct spelling) Think of all the people that will see this and would you be proud of what you put on?
    3. Use you best judgment. If you aren’t sure if what you have to say or post is appropriate or safe don’t put it! Remember our online predators guidelines the three I’s.

  8. Cjp4’s Top 3 Guidelines
    1. I figured out one of my questions so I’m going further.

    2.Everytime I make a post about my question I’m going to ask people to commet about it on disscussion tab.

    3. My goal is to get further with that question then with the new question I get I’m going to get even futher and everyone thinks it is reasonable I will be happy 🙂

  9. 1.No posting anything bad.
    2. Treat others posts like you want yours to be treated, like do not post any mean comments on theres,etc.
    3. To make the blog seem friendly and fun.

  10. Dhara’s Top 3 Guidelines

    My Guidelines…

    1. I think that we should post work that we want others to see on it. (Kids should not HAVE to post anything)
    2. I think that the blog should be fun and exciting.
    3. I think that you shouldn’t comment mean or rude things about other peoples work.

  11. (posted for Jack C)

    1. Make it fun for so we will all like it.

    2. We should have our personal porfolio to put pictures and videos on.

    3. The class should be able to post progess on this wiki.

    Jack C

  12. 1. keep personal stuff to yourself and don’t post it on the blog.

    2. Do not post things that make others feel bad.

    3. Make the blog a fun place/ thing to look at.

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