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Happy, Happy New Year!

As we look forward to the new year, it’s exciting to imagine how our explorations and learning will take shape over the next 6 months.  What goals will you set for yourself as learners? As collaborators? As connectors of people and ideas?

One blogger from whom I’ve learned and connected a great deal is Silvia Tolisano.  She recently wrote about Teachers learning to blog FOR their students.  An excerpt from her post reads:

There are literally millions of blogs out there:

  • some of very poor quality
  • some with topics that hold no interest to you
  • some written in a voice that doesn’t keep your attention
  • some written so well that you can’t believe you get to read them for free
  • some that will change the way you view the world forever
  • some from which you will learn everytime you just think about them :)

As you prepare to begin blogging about your own learning journey, take a moment to consider the work of the student bloggers linked below.  As you read each one, be aware of your own thinking and learning…

  • Note the quality of each blog and the age of each author.
  • Do the topics interest you?
  • Does the writer use a voice that keeps your attention?  Or makes you wish there were more to read/see/hear?
  • What different modes of communication do the authors use (images, text, audio, video, other…)?
  • How do the authors invite you into their conversation?
  • What else do you notice about these blogs?

Student Blogs:

  1. Jake’s Online Journal
  2. Jarrod’s Awesome Blog 
  3. Miriam’s Magical Moments
  4. Gemma’s Blog
  5. *Jaden’s Awesome Blog

*Jaden invites fellow student bloggers to join his “Ultimate Blogging Challenge”, a spin off of the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge.  Read his post carefully…what could be gained from a Challenge with no “prize”?


As a comment to this post, please share the following:
  1. What do you like about the “writing”? Style, modes of communication, content, length of posts, language, author’s voice, resources, something else?
  2. Is there anything you might try to avoid as a blog “writer”?
  3. What 5 “tips” will you take from these blogs and use as you build your own blog
  4. How might using your Wonder topic help you get started as a blogger?


Sharing Our Wonders

Imagine this blog as our space for sharing updates and milestones along our quests for answers to our Wonders … a common space to be shared among the members of our learning community.

Given our activities and discussions in class, what guidelines do you feel are the most important for our community to keep in mind as we share our discoveries, resources, challenges and questions with each other and the world?

Please share your “Top 3” guidelines as comments to this post.

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