Top 3 Ebola Websites To check out

What is Ebola and how do people get it?

This website is  the best website you can get information from.
It tells you what ebola is,  it will tell you about the symptoms of Ebola, the latest research to find a cure, if there’s new vaccine :0 wow !  It will even tell you about  why people are scared of this disease.


Top 10 thing you need to know about Ebola]

this PDF
Tells you everything you ever wanted to know about what and where you can’t get Ebola  from.  It helps you calm down some of your fears to where it’s not and how you can touch other people without getting it. This article is good because when diseases first come out to people everyone is scared and no one wants to get. So it makes you become a little calmer in the public.



Ebola Timeline

This website  tells you all the history about Ebola even back in the 1900 until nov.17th of 2014.   This
website  tells you when it was founded and once you read it your going to be as shocked and disapointed as me,and why someone will let two  untrained people help take care of Ebola patients when they know its riskey and there’s a chance of them dying.  If you think the same thing as me,  you would think leave that too the Professionals.  If they knew someone was in Liberia and had a fever, why would you just give him medicine. He had a symptom of
Ebola for goodness sake  take him in.

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