Top 3 Links For Info Of Water Scarcity

Today I will be showing you a couple of links if you want to learn more about water scarcity.


(Read them in the order they are listed in).Today I will be talking about each and every one of these sites. First lets start with the NPR audio/transcript link here:Latin American Water Problems



The Worst Drought In The Last 30 Years Ignites 47,000 Forest Fires In Bolivia. Now this is a serious problem that could happen in many place like your own country or state. Now this has caused very chaotic and very difficult experience for many people. Now on to the next part of the story. Where the Guatemala government this month declared a state of emergency in 16 of the 22 provinces. This caused crop losses, principally the mainstay of the Guatemalan diet which is corn and beans, in some regions are as high as 70 percent – 170,000 families lost almost all their crops. Now my only question about this story is. Just how bad is this drought.


Now the next story is economic related and shows the effects of water scarcity.


Sao Paulo Drought


This story is different for most as it focuses on the economics of the city which was low on water. This caused the entire city of Sao Paulo to go in to a crisis. As this was effecting businesses. Sadly this a hurt the economy quite badly including Sao Paulo state. They are worried how they will get through next year with their water supply. Now while reading this I was wondering if this was effecting the people too or just the businesses.


Top 5 Inventions To Stop Droughts


This link is a list unlike my other sources. This shows that people are making an effort and are creating creative ideas. This proves that every one is trying to help even people in Australia are helping. This shows how there is still hope to solve Earth’s water issues. One of the inventions is currently in use in California. Seeing that one invention is in use I don’t understand why aren’t more of these inventions used?

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