3 best websites to find out about weapons


The Talos Exoskeleton

The TALOS suit is an exoskeleton, just like Iron Man. An exoskeleton is a mechanical suit worn on the body that enhances strength, speed, and agility. An essential for this exoskeleton is a lightweight yet powerful battery, not to weigh the soldier down, and not to run out of juice early. “The ‘Iron Man’ movies got it right: Power is the achilles heel with these devices.” says Russ Angold, founder of Ekso Robotics. I know that the armor can withstand heavy machine guns such as AK-47’s, but how protective is it against even heavier fire such as miniguns, RPGs, Snipers, or grenades?

The railgun is an advanced magnetically propelled projectile. it is an electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher. The projectile it shoots is non-explosive. The design of the railgun dates back to 1919. A question i had is how big the railgun Projectile get?

Laser turret
Pew Pew Pew! Lockheed Martin has developed a laser turret that can be installed on aircraft! the laser or ABC can even see through disturbed air such as the jet’s exhaust. The ABC can fit snugly into the F-35 jet’s lift fan. A question i had was how effective is the turret?

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