Top 3 Websites on the Israel – Gaza Conflict

Israel – Gaza Conflict at the Roots

  • Jerusalem has been a battleground for longer than what most people think. This conflict started after World War II. Jerusalem is a key in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It has been captured many times. At one point, Jerusalem was split into two, half ruled by Jordan and half by Israel. This website is #1 on my list since it talks about the conflict back in the 1940’s. If people knew about how the conflict started, would they see the conflict differently?

Israel in ‘grave breach’ over informants

  • This story shines a light on one of the many wrong things Israel is doing.  Israel is blackmailing people to get information on Palestine. They have prevented people in need of medical care until they told them information. Israel says that it is their duty to gather information. This story is #2 on my list since it opens the cover on the Israel – Gaza conflict. Since Israel and the US are allies, many Americans are not getting the full story.

Palestinian leader accuses Israel of ‘genocide’ at UN

  • There is a political side to this conflict, that many do not know about. The 50-day conflict left about 2,100 Palestinians and 73 Israelis dead. The Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman accused the Palestinian leader of “diplomatic terrorism”. Abbas had previously threatened to take Israel to the International Criminal Court. This story is #3 on my list since it shows how things are going on the political side of this conflict. Will these leaders make a truce or even end the war?

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