Mars is the future, the goal of humanity since we discovered it.  For a long time mars was just a dream, a thought, something that would never happen.  But we have prospered and found many ways to get there.  It has become a reality.  By 2030, we will have gone to mars in person.

todays question update

Monday, March 26:
1. Up to now what have you learned about your wonder? How did you find this information? What did you do?  I have learned that we will go to mars in the future.  I went to the NASA website.  Reserch it on the internet.

2. What do you still want to know about your wonder? What is your plan for finding this information? What have you already done to try and find this information? Did it work? Why or why not?  How we will get to mars?  NASA.  Looked online.  yes.

3. What new questions/wonders do you have? Are they related to your current wonder? What could you do to look into them?  how can viruses cure diseases.  Look on medical websites.


Today I looked into my wonder by researching the question on the
NASA website. I would rate my effort a 4 overall.

1. I looked deeper into my wonder

2. Found a new wonder

I would rate my achievement a 3 overall. Next class I am going to
keep digging for the answer to my wonder.

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